Monday, February 18, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Joining CWA over at Suscipio

Beauty in the ordinary...

Moments of gratitude...

:: daffodils on windowsill (a little surprise on V-day)
:: nights of peaceful sleep
:: celebrating First Penance
:: Pastor who supports us through homeschooling
:: God's intervention
:: blessed season of Lent
:: silent snowflakes
:: visit to chapel with husband and daughter

In the kitchen...

Yes...I am following through with my budget cuts and it's working out pretty good so far:

:: leftover night with raw kale salad
:: egg sandwiches
:: balsamic pasta with asparagus
:: baked potatoes with toppings
:: mixed bean soup
:: chicken in white wine sauce, homemade bread
:: baked chicken quarters

:: oh...I am so into cold brewed reduces the acid of coffee by 68%...very gentle on the stomach...I heat some in a pot in the morning with a little coconut oil then add a dash of cream and raw sugar or some sweetened almond milk...yum {I even had it black yesterday with a dash of raw sugar!}

Looking ahead...

:: homeschool get-together
:: lunch with friend
:: on-call all weekend


Prayer: Lenten Journey with Jesus Christ and John of the Cross by Fr. George Mangiaracina OCD
and Divine Intimacy by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen OCD

I Want to See God by Fr. Marie-Eugene OCD and Navigating the Interior Life by Daniel Burke of RC Spiritual Direction {book review here}

Hubby reading The Backyard Homestead {book recommendation from Jenny} and he has all kind of creative ideas going for using all that boring grass out front...unfortunately we can't utilize our backyard for a garden...we have two dogs...'nuff said


:: As I meditated on a passage from Divine Intimacy, I realized that this should really encompass our attitude before we receive the Eucharist...we should be vigilant, expecting a visit from our Master and at that moment, there will be no anxiety or who is living in expectation of His coming will go to meet Him with great joy, throw open the door, and give Him a loving welcome with all the ardor of its soul. Do we prepare to receive Jesus into our souls in this way?

:: God has blessed me with focus and discipline this Lent...I am getting up earlier in order to pray the Office of Readings before Morning Prayer and in spending less time on the computer, our school day starts earlier and we are getting much more accomplished...I am still working on my distractions and my youngest takes right after me (winks) we have a bit of work cut out for us.

Holding in prayer...

:: sister-in-law who lost her pregnancy
:: Pope Benedict and the future leader of our Church
:: healing for oldest son
:: financial aid



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