Monday, February 11, 2013

Navigating the Interior Life {a book review}

I am reviewing Navigating the Interior Life: Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God as a Secular Carmelite with a Rule of Life as well as one who has been in a director/directee relationship for seven years.

The author, Daniel Burke, is well known from the inspirational blog, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction.  This book is the fruit of his Spirit-led work that he offers there along with Fr. Bartunek.

Navigating the Interior Life is a guide written to assist those seeking to deepen their interior prayer life, especially through spiritual direction.  I found the book easy to follow without feeling bogged down with too much information.  There are enough books written on the interior life by our great Saints for those wanting to delve deeper.

The first half of the book covers subjects such as: what spiritual direction is and is not, finding and selecting a spiritual director, preparation for spiritual direction and what to do if you cannot find one.

The second half includes chapters on: progress in the spiritual life, evaluating our root sin (including helpful checklists) and developing the virtue to combat it.

I truly appreciated the many references to St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, as well as a well thought out glossary of terms. Another excellent inclusion is Cardinal Ratzinger's (Pope Benedict XVI) letter on "Some Aspects of Christian Meditation".

Navigating the Interior Life is a wonderful beginning compass for those looking to deepen their interior life and are actively searching for a director. This is also a great resource for directors.

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