Monday, March 10, 2014

His Word heals {revisited}

I read in the Gospel the people were amazed at Jesus' words,

"What is it in his words?" they pondered.

His word has authority and the power to heal

because He Himself is the Word spoken by God

before the world came to be.

I pick up His Word spoken, written for us

because I, too, need healing.

I need Jesus to command"Be quiet!" "Come out of her!"

To still the wounded memories,

the negative thoughts,

to enter those wounded areas and to heal.

I have only to read His Word and ponder

"What is it in His Words?"

I read, I pray, I whisper them

and let them permeate my brokenness

so I may be made whole.

His Word has the power to

do this

and I believe

for I return to them,

listen to them,

am drawn to them,

don't want to let go of them.

You lead me into the desert

to speak to me

and I surrender.

I am emptied in order to be filled.

You have the words of eternal life.

(excerpts from Matthew 4:32-36 NJB and John 6:68 NIV)

© Theresa George
my desert heart

{a fave archived post}


  1. sending love and prayers, dear friend . . .

    1. Thank you gretchen...I know you understand. This was written some time ago but is very relevant for me right now.

      Blessings my friend...

  2. Oh Theresa, your words here are beautiful and speak to my heart as well. Who among us doesn't need this powerful healing in the "broken parts". Especially at those times when all the parts feel broken?

    And I really don't want to say this again but I hate Daylight Savings Time. Mercy, Lord. I'm trying so hard to practice virtues and instead I'm grumpy and hard-pressed to even think of (Only it's not really lol.)

    Sending you a big hug and prayers too.

    1. OH Mary...I am sitting here half dead at the computer praying for the grace to somehow make it through the day. Daylight savings...hate it!! Compounds my sleep issues even more. I think I am not opening my mouth today. I don't have the energy...and I don't know if anything pleasing to the Lord will come out of it. So...I will just repeat His Name all day.

      I needed to post this as you can see.

      Much love...

    2. Yes, I know what you mean - I'm trying to open my mouth as little as possible today. Probably nothing would come out but gibberish anyway...

      Daylight Savings Time definitely compounds my sleep issues as well. I tell myself I'll sail right through it and it never happens :) And it was dark for another 4 hours after I woke up. Something is wrong when you have had your coffee, prayed, and your house is really clean by 6:00 AM (barring the bedrooms where the lucky ducks are snoozing away peacefully).

    3. I have been there dear friend. I know there is no lack of need for redemptive suffering especially in regards to my older children...but when one night runs into another, it's hard to remind ourselves of that. We pray for the souls of our children...and some are very very far from the Lord...then we complain when He permits suffering for their sake. *sigh* We are human, I know. The Lord knows too. I keep hanging on to that fine thread.

  3. Beautiful pondering on God's Word. It's amazing what a short sentence or one word from the mouth of Jesus can do for us! I am 'stuck on' Be Not Afraid at the moment. I can't stop saying it, and it is calming to the spirit. And thank you for the reminder (ever so gentle) how importance is this word called silence! God bless, Kellie

    1. Hey Kellie! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

      It is amazing...I just wish I didn't forget them so quickly : ) I always fall back on the Jesus Prayer.

      I appreciate your thoughtful words.

  4. here's the prayer i begin with when i'm awake in the middle of the night (just in time for vigils!)

    o, Lord, in the night when no one can find the way, You spread out the stars and they shine out joyfully. May your word also be a lamp to our feet until the dawn begins to break and the morning star rises in our hearts.

    one of my daughters and my husband also suffer from insomnia. it seems to be a common aggravation. daylight savings time does NOT help. sigh.

    1. Beautiful gretchen...thank you for sharing. I will also share a link with you from Vultus Christi::Adoration at home (at night!):

    2. I don't know why that reply went a little crazy : )

      I just read on Pinterest that the prayer you shared is from a Cistercian Office for it even more now!


Always blessed by your kind words...

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