Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reflections on silence

"The Rule of St. Benedict encourages us to have an 'esteem for silence', so that at times even 'good words are to be left unsaid.' Why is it that silence must be so esteemed and cultivated? As is so often in spiritual writings, silence is to be sought for the purpose of listening; and in Benedictine life this listening is to be directed especially to discerning the saving presence and loving call of God in every situation. We are to ask, 'How is God here, and what is He asking of me?' instead of , 'What am I to get out of this?' or 'How can I glorify myself in this situation?'  

"Some outer silence is necessary in every Christian life to make way for some inner silence, or stillness, that enables us to be in touch with God, beyond our noisy, impulsive reactions and even in and through them. With inner silence, we can enjoy Christ's gift of peace even when there is much turmoil around us. In fact, only with some silence can we truly pray.

"With that silence we can speak to others 'with the warmth of love.' With that silence we can accept a task that we prefer not to do 'with complete gentleness and obedience'. Perhaps most importantly, with silence we can accept our weakness and poverty without becoming discouraged or defensive."

~Donald Raila OSB
Lessons from St. Benedict

* We need to nurture this spirit of silence so that it will help us to embrace our poverty as God's gift...and to accept our weaknesses and imperfections as stepping stones that will hasten us on the journey to be united to Christ this Lent and Easter!

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  1. Beautiful words on silence!!! Yes it is only in silence that we can hear Our Lord say to us, "Don't be surprised by your weaknesses, but rather immerse yourself in My Mercy".

    Glory and praise to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!!!! (Cynthia)


Always blessed by your kind words...

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