Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflections on silence

"Our exterior silence, the silence of our tongue, will be an authentic silence if it proceeds from a silent and mortified soul. Our soul will be silent if we bring to silence our senses, our passions, and all the faculties of our soul.

"If our silence proceeds from a silent soul, if it is from a mortified soul, it will not be an empty silence. If Christ really becomes the life of our soul, our silence as well as our speaking will be filled with the spirit of God.  Then there will be nothing artificial or pharisaical, only simplicity and naturalness. 

"The action of the Holy Spirit, in purifying our soul and making it Christ-like, will enable us to be united with God, and tell us when we should speak, as well as when to keep silence.

"Everything within us, as well as our senses, should be brought to silence in order to listen to the Holy Spirit and to become more and more united with Christ."

~ A Camaldolese Hermit


  1. What a welcome and timely lesson -- only authentic silence will make the promptings of the Holy Spirit heard and felt. Thank you for that...

    I was giving your header photo a second good look, and noticed how well leafed through that book perched on the armrest is. Is it the Bible, Divine Office, or a spiritual reading book? The photo is a beautiful symbol of your dedication to your prayer life. What an inspiration...

    1. Good morning Marcia!

      Thanks for stopping by. I find it's my own distracted thoughts that keep me from hearing the I really need to work on interior silence.

      I appreciate your comment on my header is one of my faves and it is the Liturgy of the Hours on my favorite rocking chair. A well loved and well worn book : )

  2. When I was little our family spent 3 hours of Good Friday every year in complete silence. It was a time to remember the depth of Jesus's sufferings on the cross as he carried the weight of the world's sin. As a child, trying to stay quiet for 3 hours drove me crazy! However, the somberness of Good Friday was much more real to me then. I am thankful, looking back, that my parents insisted on doing this. God is Holy! It is so easy to forget that in the midst of Good Friday "Easter sales" at stores.

    1. We did too Gwen. I tried to do it with my own children. It's so much harder with all the technology! Today, Angeline and I will at least rest in the silence of church.

      Many blessings to you for Easter...I pray it is joy filled!


Always blessed by your kind words...

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