OCDS vocation

OCDS is the abbreviation for Order of Carmelites Discalced Secular.  

The great Teresian Carmelite Family is present in the world in many forms.  Secular Carmelites, together with the Friars and Nuns, are sons and daughters of the Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, expressed in the Rule of St. Albert and the Doctrine of the Carmelite Doctors of the Church and the Order's other saints.  It is one family with the same call to holiness and the same apostolic mission. Secular members contribute to the Order the benefits proper to their secular state and are faithful members of the Catholic Church called to live in allegiance to Jesus Christ.  Under the protection of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, in the biblical tradition of the prophet Elijah and inspired by the teachings of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross, they seek to deepen their Christian commitment received in Baptism.

The Discalced Secular by special vocation, undertakes to live in the world an evangelical life of fraternal communion imbued with the spirit of contemplative prayer and apostolic zeal according to the teachings of the Order.

The daily life of a Secular Carmelite can be summed in the 6 M’s:
1. Meditation. A Secular Carmelite will spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day in mental prayer or meditation.  This can be divided up into two 15 minute periods or even three 10 minute periods according to your state in life.  This is time set aside to spend with the One our soul loves, seeking His Face.
2. Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and when possible, Night Prayer {Lauds, Vespers and Compline}.  This is prayer shared by the Universal Church from the Liturgy of the Hours.
3. Mary. We seek to imitate, above all, Mary’s example of meditation and recollection *pondering all things within her heart*.  We will demonstrate our love and trust in our Heavenly Mother by wearing her scapular on a daily basis. This is the habit of our Order.
4. MassWe strive to attend Mass as frequently as possible according to our state in life.  We frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well.
5. Mission. “To know God so that God may be known.”
6. MeetingsAttendance at community meetings when scheduled is important. In this way,  we strive to assist one another in living out our Carmelite vocation in the world…in our daily lives.  We are a COMMUNITY!
For more information, check out our OCDS community website.
Our Carmelite monastery: Discalced Carmelite Nuns Philadephia
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Further reading:
The following three booklets embody the Carmelite Spirit, all written by Fr. Anastatius of the Holy Rosary OCD:
The Spirit of the Rule of Carmel (85 pages)
Carmelite Asceticism 
Everything is a Grace (55 pages)
They are available through the Carmelite Sisters in Buffalo NY.  You can snail mail them at the following address:
Carmelite Monastery, 75 Carmel Road, Buffalo, NY 14214-1098
The booklets are $3.00 a piece and a $1.00 shipping for each booklet.

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